We set out to make the best handmade swings available. We not only looked at a design that was sturdy and safe, we also put a lot of thought into what was going into the swing.

We researched and researched some more to find the materials to bring you a swing that not only looked the part of a time long ago, but would last as long as you'd expect.

Read here what make our swings what they are.

white oak

Not all Oaks are created equal. Red Oaks are called open-celled and allow water into it's grain quite easily.

White oak on the other hand has tyloses that give the wood a closed cellular structure, making it water- and rot-resistant. Because of this characteristic, white oak is used for barrels for wine and whiskey production since it resists leaking. It has also been used in construction, shipbuilding, cooperage, agricultural implements, and in the interior finishing of houses.

White oak is hard. On the Janka Hardness Scale, white oak is 50% harder than cedar. When you feel it, one word will come to mind... sturdy.

spar varnish

Spar varnish is a must-have for any natural piece of wood that is for exterior use. Spar Varnish is typically used as a boat finish so you know it's made to stand up to some harsh environments.

Expansion is a major property of Spar varnish. As your wood expands and contracts with both heat and moisture, the finish will expand along with it. This helps the finish not to split, peel.

Another major property is UV protection. UV rays from the sun can not only damage the finish by yellowing and clouding, but it can also damage the wood itself.
stainless steel

Granted, you may be able to find your standard zinc plated hanging hardware at your local hardware store, but we have hunted high and low to bring you the absolute best: stainless steel.

As most know, stainless steel doesn't rust. Your hardware will last as long as and look as beautiful as your swing for many years to come.

Stainless steel offers a higher load rating than standard galvanized steel of the same size.

But perhaps most important of all... stainless steel, when mounted through a living tree branch, will be the best for the tree. Stainless steel will not corrode and cause infections inside the tree.
promanila rope

The were a few reasons we went with a synthetic. I know it doesn't seem like our style to go with a synthetic but simply put... it's better. Not only is it softer to the touch than manila rope, is stronger and will last longer.

In fact it is twice as strong as 'old fashioned' manila. Assuring the safest option for riders. Unlike manila rope, ProManilla is resistant to rot, abrasion, petroleum products, mildew, and most chemicals which makes it perfect to support you and your loved ones in year-round exterior use situations.